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Costs of house removals in Guildford

Prices for moving house in Guildford can range from £100 to several thousand pounds. Every move is different, customers have different requirements and the price of services may also differ in different regions. There are several key factors based on which moving companies estimate every job.

Small moving - cheap removalsIn the case of a small removals over a short distances, customers can benefit by hiring small firms, which usually offer their services on hourly basis. Guildford man and van prices start from £35 per hour, but the rate may be even as high as £65, depending on the size of the vehicle and whether you need two or three man and van team.
For large removals you can get more detailed estimates from Surrey removal companies by requesting free moving quote via our website. It is necessary to provide at least some basic information about the planned removals, on the basis of which the estimator will be able to send you the most accurate quote. It is always advisable to compare Surrey moving firms before making final decision.

Below are a few factors that can affect the total cost of moving home.


Size of your removal

Large house movingVery often customers are sending quotation request, providing only information about the size of their house, which is usually not sufficient to estimate the total volume of your move. Of course it gives some image, and it is certain that the cost of moving one bedroom flat will be cheaper than 4 bedroom house removals. However to get more accurate rates you should provide a bit more detailed information about your removal requirements. Will you be moving furniture and other house appliances or just personal belongings? Do you have any pieces of furniture to be dismantled before the move or any garden furniture?
With this information estimator will have a better picture of the planned, but in order to get the most accurate costs we recommend you to send the full inventory of your personal belongings or ask for pre-move survey, so estimator can visit your property and give you the fixed moving price.


Distance of removals

Moving distance significantly affects the cost of removals. For long distance removals it is not cost effective to hire removal companies working on hourly basis, because the time needed to accomplish the task is a key factor in the moving costs. Consider the situation where a company stuck in traffic - in accordance with the agreement you will be charged for the total duration of the service. Therefore a better solution is to hire a moving firm that will be able to give you a fixed price, independent of the total time required for the service. Of course, a longer distance means higher costs for fuel, but this should be still more economical as price is based on mileage and not on duration time.

So remember to give detailed information about the collection and the deliver address.


Type of removal services

Self packingYou can effortless relocate to new location if you hire moving company offering full removal services, including: both packing and unpacking, loading and unloading, disconnecting house appliances, dismantling oversized furniture, transit, cleaning and even more.
Moving companies are quite flexible. If you cannot afford for a full range of services, they will adjust it according to your requirements and budget. But be aware that by opting out from the additional services you will have to do it on your own, often asking your friends or family for help

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