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How to move a bike

Sport bikeCustomers are often surprised when it comes to transport bicycles. In many cases, bicycle transport confined only to loading it into the transportation vehicle. However in case of long distance transportation or shipping overseas, due to safety during transport and occupied space, sometimes you may need to have it dismantled and packed. Dismantling and packing may seem difficult when we see these all the various parts that make up the bike but you can always entrust it to one of professional Surrey removal companies. However if you not moving entire house and need to move just a bike, it may be even better to hire Guildford man and van company offering part load moving in Surrey. . If you have a car you can also do it on your own.


Preparing bike for transportation

If you still prefer to move your bicycle on your own, you should read this short guide and you will be able to deliver your bike in less time than you think.



Bike in boxMain aim of packing bike is to make it as compact as possible so that it takes up the least space. The easiest way to pack your bicycle is to use special bike box. You can buy them online, at your local bike shop or ask your local Guildford removals firms (it costs between £10 - £15) . In fact you can also try to ask your local bike shop and as they can give you their old bike box for free! Remember that if your bike is rare, modified or expensive the best option might be packing it in a local bike shop by a professional.



It is recommended to wipe the bike to remove dirt and leaves, otherwise some carriers may refuse to transport such a dirty bike in the vehicle. You can just use a wet cloth – your bicycle doesn’t have to be shiny - just not completely filthy!



Bicycle dismantlingSet your bike in top gear and deflate the tires to half. Remove the steering wheel by loosening the screw. If the steering wheel is not connected by cables, remove it completely and attach it securely with a tape parallel to the frame. You should unscrew footers from the pedals, lower the seat and unscrew wheels. All loose items should be secured with tape to the frame, except for the wheels.

Now you can wrap the frame with bubble wrap to protect the bike from scratches and bumps. Place the bike box on the flat and slide the frame to it. Finally, slide the front and rear wheels on both sides of the bicycle frame.

Bicycles are known for their high strength and impact-resistant construction, but still it is recommended to use loose fill chips to fill the empty space in the box. If you do not have such stuff, you can also use blanket, newspapers or cardboard boxes.

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