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Surrey removals – moving schedule

Stressless removalsRemovals is not only the day when your moving your  belongings from your house in Surrey to new home in other location. Moving is a whole range of related activities and organizational issues that need to be considered in advance. All the major issues are discussed in the following schedule. We are confident that if you follow at least partly to these guidelines, your removals from Surrey goes smoothly and you will reduce stress of moving to minimum. 



One month before removals

Notify the authorities, companies and institutions of the planned date of removal:

  • post office
  • bank
  • insurance company
  • utility providers
  • cable TV
  • internet provider
  • the telephone company
  • etc.

Decide if you need small Surrey man and van firm or need to hire largeSurrey removal company offering full service removals. Specify the potential moving date with selected mover and speak with the employer about your leave during your relocation. The sooner you start looking for movers, the higher the probability you will find cheap Surrey removals services. 


Tree weeks before moving date

The first step, and perhaps the most important is to make some inventory of our belongings. Decide if you really need to take everything? Is it not worth to get rid of some stuff and reduce moving costs? Things that need to be moved, have to be packed properly. If you plan to do all the packing on your own, start looking for boxes and other packing materials.

Use boxes for packingStart packing
Separately pack glass, porcelain, food, clothing. Fragile stuff wrap in packing paper or even better use bubble wrap foil. The books should be packed to medium size boxes. As they are quite heavy, it is not good idea to place too much of them  into a single box. Please note that it is better to clean your stuff before placing it into the boxes, there is no point to moving dust from one place to another, additionally your items will be ready for use in your new home. Remember that for easy handling, every box should not exceed the weight of 25kg.

Each box should be described. We do not recommend mixing things from different areas in the same - for example do not put cups to box with books.  In this way, during unpacking you will find needed stuff much faster.  We recommend to do the inventory, divided into rooms, such as kitchen - six boxes, bathroom - 2 boxes, etc.

Make the necessary repairs in your house or apartment


Two weeks before moving

  • Arrange care for children at the time of removal
  • Think about care for your dog or cat
  • Complete the most important documents
  • Start packing the least used items - each box and bag should be described


One week before you move

  • Cancel the last agreements
  • Return all rental CDs and books to the library
  • Start empty a fridge (especially frozen foods)
  • Make plan for spacing furniture in your news house or flat


The day before removals

  • Finish packing
  • Completely empty the contents of furniture
  • The most important documents and keys put it in a bag, which you should have easy access to
  • Empty letterbox
  • Lie down to sleep early. Tomorrow can be exhausting day!

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