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Common mistakes during removals

Prepare for removalsMoving is a stressful experience and it involves a large amount of things to do and important decisions to make in a very short time. This all leads to the common mistakes when you move. Most often committed mistakes during removals are usually minor and do not result in any greater consequences. However, there are also serious mistakes that may have negative consequences for a long time after your removals. It is therefore important to prepare properly for your move in advance. Below you will find the worst mistakes made during moving. If you follow our advice on how to avoid damages during removals, moving will not result in sleepless nights.


Bad removals company

A common mistake made by people who move for the first time is to hire the wrong Woking removals company. If you do not have experience in removals, often the main criterion by which we choose a moving company is the lowest price. However, this is not always a good idea. Often, the price does not include the part of the services such as dismantling oversized furniture, packaging items, insurance, etc. After adding all the "extra" services, you may find that the price is much higher than other offers. Not without significance is the experience moving company, it is important after all that your belongings safely arrived at your destination. Hiring a good moving company is 75% of success. A professional moving company or any of Woking man and van team will help you to move efficiently and effectively through the entire process of removal.


Bad moving schedule

Many people do removal without prior planning and later it turns out that there are problems and situations for which they are not prepared. Some manage to survive it, but it certainly they are not a good example. If you moving house or office, good planning is essential. This will save you time, stress and also reduces the probability that you can forget about something.


Not enough time for the packing

Proper packingMost people do not realize how much things they have, so suddenly they realize that one day is not enough to pack all their belongings! In addition, things needs to be segregated and carefully packed into the moving boxes and this is a time-consuming process. Packaging should be started well in advance. To carefully pack one room, you will need at least a few hours (the bigger and more cluttered the more). This allows calmly pack and protect all the things. When moving is not well planned, packed up in a hurry, chaotic, it raises various complications when unpacking. Suddenly it turns out that we cannot find anything, so you should always carefully label all the boxes with the following information:

  • the contents of the box (eg, clothes, books, computer),
  • warning if the package contains a particularly delicate items (eg plates),
  • determine which way is up and which down,
  • information about the room from which the box comes (eg, bedroom, kitchen),

When we packing in a hurry, things often are not secured properly. As a result of the transported goods may be destroyed or damaged. To avoid this, be sure to:

  • properly secure the box with tape,
  • total weight of boxes should not exceed 50 kg,
  • pack things in order to avoid their movement (voids filled with newspapers, towels or bubble wrap),
  • don't forget about appropriate floor protection during removals

You can always ask any of Surrey removal companies to do all the packing, using professional materials.


Moving on your own without extra help

If you decide to move on your own, you should ask for help from the right people. Find out how much and how heavy things you have to move. Asking someone for help, you should always warn him about the size of the move. It may turn out that a person has a bad back or does not have enough strength to carry such a heavy piece of furniture, or will not have enough time to help you move all things. Wrong choice of people to help can results in high house moving costs and plenty of stress, as well as results in damage of your personal belongings during transportation. Therefore, depending on the task (packaging,  moving heavy furniture) it’s important to ensure appropriate assistance. It is also worth to hire the right vehicle to fit all the things and avoid multiple trips.


Moving without insurance

Insurance cover offered by Woking moving firms is not always preferred. We recommend that you read the agreement and check all the conditions for compensation in case of damage or theft of items. If you come to the conclusion that the insurance is insufficient, you should also insure your possessions in a different insurance company.

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