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House for saleBuying a house or apartment is not only cold calculation. It is also the consideration of a multitude of components, the necessary involvement, mental preparedness, and even premonitions, intuition, sixth sense, or whatever you call it. However, the base is always a factual analysis of the entire mass details after which you can try to make a decision. It is surprising that a significant part of buyers take a decision based on only the few most important (according to them) aspects, on the one hand, overestimating their importance, on the other hand completely ignoring the mass of equally important factors. So if you are planning removals and thinking about buying new house in Surrey, we invite you to the following mini-tutorial that - we hope - help you to gather complete information needed to make a responsible decision, which for many years may affect the state of your finances, and the feeling of being in the "right place". The following mini-guide tells you what to check, what to look out and what to expect when looking for housing in Surrey. We propose to treat the following points as a kind of starting point, not a complete and sacred list, from which you choose to look for the perfect home. Rather, we hope you realize how many things you should check in order to transactions can be a success and thorough verification of each point will reduce the risk of failure when buying a home in Surrey.  

Once you buy your new house, you will have to find Surrey removal companies to move your belongings. You can use our website to get quotes from both Guildford removals firms or Guildford man and van teams.


House location

Location of your new home is one of the most important criteria. Not only that, in practice determines the amount of time spent on a not very exciting moving between home and work, it still has a substantial impact on the price per square meter. The issue of selection of the location is so individual that it does not even make sense to decide what you should follow. It is however worth noting that the location is inextricably linked with surroundings of the selected house, so do not even think about making a decision to buy a home without checking the local zoning plan!


Home square footage

Square footage is a parameter whose weight does not undermine none of buyers. It is not only the number of rooms, but also the area of the entire house. It is worth noting that when moving house, instead of looking for a new property with a much larger metric area, you can get rid of unnecessary items and current home area may be sufficient, without limiting its functionality. On the other hand, treating the purchase of property as an investment, too little area is not necessarily always the best choice.


House price

Here you should be especially careful, because the imagination of people selling their homes has no limits. Examine offers of similar houses or apartments, check the average price per square meter in your city, or even try to explore how much you can negotiate with the original price of the apartment, which you are not even interested! If you're already oriented in what price range you can buy a new home and what standards you can expect for it. Knowing the price range and the corresponding standards, it will be much easier for you to eliminate a substantial portion of the real estate ads.


Bills, media providers and additional costs

Verification of components included in the monthly accounts which is extremely important when viewing offers. "Low monthly fee" - a text from multiple ads for the sale of the property. Often it's just a fantasy, It is therefore very important to verify the services that fall under this charge. Simply add the cost of gas and electricity, subscription for internet or cable TV, and suddenly a monthly charge double what definitely you will feel by paying the bills. You should also check media providers. Having the ability to choose between different offers from Surrey media providers, we choose the most interesting and cheapest deal.


Property seller and neighbours

First of all, consider buying a home without the help of real estate brokers and look for a property offered directly by the owners. If you are able to spend some of your time on tasks related to finding and buying your new home, a real estate agent is practically useless, and taking into account the amount of commission, sometimes it is worth to put a bit of effort to buy a house on your own.  However, it is worth to view all listings, because some of them are only available in the real estate brokers. After finding deals in the real estate office, you can try to find the same offer added directly by the owner on online advertising networks. It may be that you will find the contact number directly to the owner, which will allow you to save on commissions for real estate, and what's more, the current owner, due to savings on the commission, may be more willing to negotiate the price of the property.

But how to find out what kind of neighbours living in the area? Assurance from the current owners, are not likely to calm down potential buyers. Therefore, you should find out why the house is for sale and how long it was occupied by the same family. Sometimes it is worth to spend some time and simply to talk to local residents, to ask about the surroundings and neighbourhood, which may reduce the risk of living next to an extremely troublesome neighbours. We recommend anyone to break shyness - profits may be disproportionate.


Tips when buying house

Happy in new houseCount all costs - a comprehensive renovation of bathrooms, kitchens, floors and doors are quite an expense, which does not have to incur when buying a house or apartment after renovation. On the other hand - the need to perform the renovation is one of the main factors lowering the price of the property.

During price negotiations, never, never show clearly that you are strongly interested in buying a home! This is equivalent to a sudden increase in self-confidence seller and rejection price offered by you that she could be accepted, seeing the average interest in his offer.

And most importantly - when buying a home, do not forget that in the future you'll probably want to sell them. That is why you should think not only that you become the owner of a place to live, but also the property, the sale of which you can make. Think like an investor who wants to do good business and kill two birds with one stone, and not someone who will pay any price for your dream home.

If you are a happy owner of your new house, you can check what are the moving costs in Surrey and read some useful tips when moving in Surrey.

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