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Protect flooring when moving

Blankets to protect delicte surfaceFloor protection is the first thing to keep in mind during your Surrey removals and shifting. There are a number of precautions a person would take in order to protect their ever so precious furniture and decorations, but many times people tend to neglect the protection of floorings, which should be your utmost duty when you planning either Guildford house removals or office removals in Surrey.

Shifting is an extremely tiring process but it can be made a little easier if not less tiring, by keeping precautions and a few important tips in mind. No one wants to first remove all the furniture, and after that tiring process, clean the floorings as well. So, best is that you take out some sort of solution of this tiring problem. Mostly houses have marble floors and few have wooden floorings too. Now-a-days, since wooden floorings are a little expensive and difficult to take care of too, interior designers have come out with the option of tiles with the fake texture of wood, which looks quiet stylish and is convenient to take care of too.


Materials to protect floor

Use cardboard boxes to protect floorsPeople with marble floorings in their house need to understand that marble is a very risky surface to work on, though it can help drag the furniture easily since it is a slippery surface. But, you don’t want your workers to slip along with your furniture, so for that you should cover the flooring with plastic sheets since they hold the shoe grip better than marble floorings and this way you can protect your shiny marble floor from getting scratches or stains of dusty feet. You can also use old blanket sheets and rugs to cover the floor area. Secondly, you can provide your workers with rubber boots, and cover the floorings with heavy duty paper roll, but that can even tear out during removals. Another helpful tip can be that, you should ask your local Guildford man and van or moving company team to try and lift most of the furniture, they can. Since lifting furniture wouldn’t let the furniture drag along the covering and ruin it. But before you suggest that make sure your furniture is nicely wrapper with a plastic sheet. It helps avoid scratches you can possibly risk during the moving process.


Types of floor protection

Types of materials to protect floorMoreover, there are a couple of types of floor protection that these moving companies use such a s rug runners, these have no slip bottoms with vinyl tops, which will protect your floorings. This also depends on the moving companies, that what kind of floor protection they would be using. Another thing to be kept in mind is that, before the moving process, you should already inform your Woking moving company that they should come prepared with some way of protecting your floorings, since it’s a part of the moving contract that you would sign with them. After all, they are getting paid for the process, and your money should be put to some good use, so that you won’t have to spend more cash on floor cleanings – it is why you should carefully looking for good moving firms in Surrey.

There are chances you will ruin the texture of your floor during packing. Avoid spilling trash and paint during removals. Use the packing sheets and boxes nicely and clean your floor immediately after the packing of furniture. 

Most of the time good moving companies would definitely come with a floor protection before they start moving your furniture as they are expert of this process, but in case they don’t, you need to provide them with one. After all, it’s your house, not theirs and it’s your duty to be sure of the fact that nothing gets spoiled during the process.

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