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Delicate belongingsA number of people every year relocate from one place to another or one country to another in search of better opportunities or for any other reasons. Now, if you are one of those who are relocating from one place to another for any reason, you need to opt for a professional Guildford removal companies assistance for a hassle free and secure moving experience. You have many options – you can hire one of  Surrey man with van services or choose full services offered by larger firms.  Anyone who has been through complex moving process, or even more complicated Guildford shipping tasks, can tell you that relocation is an extremely daunting task that needs expert assistance and lots of preparations done well in advance to ensure that it all goes safely.

Nothing could be worse than arriving at your new place and when you start unpacking, you discover that your favorite glassware and best photo frame is broken during the move. You certainly do not want this to happen to any of your belongings.

A well experienced and professional Surrey moving services will offer you with a complete relocation package that comprises of the packing of all your belongings, protecting floors, stairs, walls, loading belongings onto the moving trucks and then unloading and unpacking them once they have reached the destination. Below are the services that you will be offered with by a moving company while you hire them in the relocation process. To make sure that you get your belongings in one piece, there are a few tips and tricks to safely pack and move your possessions.


Packing Guidelines

Packing belongingsWrapping is an extremely vital step when it comes to protecting all your breakable items. Newspaper and newsprints is very common, but having a plastic bubble wrap is another great option to opt for. Make sure you are wrapping every item with the utmost care and tightly to provide cushioning and support, which is going to prevent them from any damage. Wrapping will not let them break, and even it does, it will keep all the pieces together and you will not lose them even if they have been damaged.

Another issue you may face is the box size that is mostly overlooked. Most of the people opt for a bunch of large sized boxes and then leave it at that. On the other hand, it is wiser to opt for many small sized boxes to keep your heavy or delicate items – this is going to make moving of these items a lot easier and protected. When you are selecting these boxes, ensure that you look out for specialized boxes that are double-thick or divided, which makes them a great choice for transferring your valuables.


Packing Glassware and Dishes

Kitchen items such as glassware and dishes can be extremely complex to pack as they are often heavy and oddly shaped. Dishes such as bowls and plates should be wrapped separately with the bubble wrap or newspaper, and then nested inside one and another. Opt for small sized boxes, which is going to help you minimize the weight of the dishes and also make them extremely easy to carry along. All the glassware can also be wrapped and stored in boxes that have special dividers designed for glasses and cups.


Packing Mirrors, Photos and Collectibles

Little helpAll the decorative items that you have collected all through your life certainly gave your home a character and reminds you of the special times spent with your loved ones. To avoid any sort of damage and loss, you should always wrap such items and then pack them appropriately into smaller sized boxes. You will find special boxes that have special forms inserted within to cradle it, and then you can keep and reuse such boxes whenever possible.

You may also have many mirrors and photo frames, you can have a painter’s or masking tape that is going to help you keep the items stable. This step will surely prevent breakage, and in case it is broken, the pieces will be together for safety.

Relocation certainly is a stressful experience. But, you can minimize all your worries by making sure that the items are packed safely. In case you cannot do it on your own, you should compare Surrey removals andhire the services of professionals and then you do not have to deal with any breakage or damages while you arrive at your new home.

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